Agreement between the Italian Society of Traumatology of the Road, la Sociedad Española de Valoración del Daño Corporal (SEVDC) e l'Associação Portuguesa de Avaliação do Dano Corporal (APADAC)


On 7 November 1999, at the annual congress of SOC.I.TRA.S. held at the Hilton Hotel in Rome, was signed a twinning agreement with the Sociedad Española de Valoración del Daño Corporal.
This agreement - which we provide the full text - will allow for close cooperation between the two companies, the exchange of experiences and the creation of joint work. Are also provided facilities for members of the respective companies in the participation in events organized by the Society twinned.
With this agreement, made in the spirit of a "Europe without borders" and on the basis of common interest in issues of Traumatology of the Road, will be favored the development of common methodologies, dissemination of the work carried out and the dissemination of knowledge.


The Secretary of S.E.V.D.C., dr. D. Antonio E. Hernando Lorenzo, and the President of SOC.I.TRA.S., prof. Andrea Costanzo, show the text of the agreement just signed..

Members SOC.I.TRA.S. wishing to avail themselves of this agreement will make contact with the secretariat by fax to 06 49982553 or e-mail a [email protected].

In the photo, from left to right, Professor. Andrea Costanzo (SOC.I.TRA.S. Chairman), Dr.. Eugenio Laborda Calvo (SEVDC Chairman), Dr.. Juan Luis Alcaraz Aranzubia (President Sociedad de Basque VDC) and prof. Duarte Nuno Vieira (Chair APADA.C.) Celebrate the agreement.


For the 1° CONGRESO MUNDIAL DE VALORACION DEL DAŇO CORPORAL, held in Buenos Aires from 6 to 8 October 2006 where there were representatives of Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, North Africa, Central and South America, it is made up of the AIDC (Asociacíon International del Daňo Corporal).

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