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The SOC.I.TRA.S. (Italian Society of Traumatology of the Road ) is a cultural association, non-political, non-profit , and has the aim of promoting in Italy and abroad, the study of the medical sciences, and of interdisciplinary application to the problems related to or dependent on road traffic. It carries out this activity through national and international conferences , the development of scientific and educational activities, the establishment of awards and scholarships . Organizes courses in " Trauma of the road" in Italy and abroad. Established in 1984 , has so far played 29 conference , part of the proceedings of such conferences are now available online on this website under " Documents". The SOC.I.TRA.S. , such as " super-specialist company " , is affiliated to the SIOT ( Societa ' Italian of Orthopedics and Traumatology ) , which provides that Congress regularly participates in special sessions . It is also twinned with the SEVDC - Sociedad Espanola de contacto of Dano and Corporal with the APADAC - Associacao Portuguesa de Avalacao do Dano Corporal


The new volume of the President prof. Costanzo:

the complete guide to the safety of the baby in the car, even before birth.